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Pure Relaxology

 We provide excellent tuina body and foot massages in Singapore!  Right here in our little corner at 207 Lavender Street (a part of Jalan Besar and the Kallang area), a rising star of Singapore's hip neighbourhoods, with a heady mix of the old and new.

Stiff neck and shoulders? Backache? Tired legs ? Headache? Insomnia? Arthritis issues ? Or simply feeling out of sorts and under the weather? Drop by for a session to relieve those tension knots, pain points and alleviate your mood!

Our masseurs use the traditional Ruo Shi (若石) method of massage to energerise meridians and acupoints to balance the flow of qi in your body.

207 Lavender Street S338765
Open daily from 11am to 10.30pm
Call +65 62982930 for appointment.


The principles of tuina massage is based on the teachings of traditional chinese medicine, which focuses on the emotional and physical components of a person’s well-being

We use the tradtional Ruo Shi (若石) method of massage to energerise meridians and acupoints to balance the flow of qi in your body

At Pure Relaxology, our foot reflexology focuses on pressure points to release tensions in your body

Foot Massage

Our feet has many acupressure points that correspond to the different body parts in our system. Foot reflexology works on the basis that our feet is like the master control points that manipulates the flow of energy along our energy channels.

Reflexology uses a targeted, pressure-point massage to restore the flow of energy in the body, thereby inducing a healing response in corresponding organs and areas of the body.

Our foot massage releases the tension, pain or discomfort in your lower legs and feet, helps stimulates healthy organ functions and improves your energy level.

Soothe aching muscles with an excellent tuina body massage at Pure Relaxology!

Tuina Body Massage

Tuina massage targets specific acupressure points in the body to stimulate the flow of qi, clear channels and remove blockages such as poor blood circulation.

At Pure Relaxology, we use the traditional Ruo Shi (若石) method of massage to energise meridians and acupressure points to balance the flow of qi in your feet and body.

Feeling out of sorts or feeling just so tired that you cannot function properly ? Our full body massage helps to remove stress and tension knots in the body, improves the overall blood circulation and promotes the general well being of oneself.

cupping and guasha therapy treatment at Pure Relaxology

Cupping and GuaSha Therapy

Chinese cupping and gua sha helps to break up the blockage in the qi and blood to restore the body’s natural flow of energy. It also helps to rejuvenate meridian energy pathways and treats imbalances.

Cupping invigorates local circulation of qi and blood in the area being treated, resolving swelling, pain, and tension. From a Western physiology perspective, cupping loosens connective tissue or fascia and stimulated blood flow to the surface.
This is done coupled with our master therapy of tuina and acupressure back and body massage to break up the stagnation, speed up recovery and restore a healthy flow of energy.

What our customers say


Seriously one of the best place for late-night foot massage! So if you are tired and around the district you can come and enjoy foot massage with big comfy chairs and touch screen LEDs with the latest movie! As i'm a big guy 170kg ..the massage guy can really find my spot! 5star!





Had a blast whilst here! Came with some back issues and I left thoroughly satisfied with everything here. Amazing seating with LED screens to watch a movie whilst getting a massage was just a stunning concept to me. Would highly highly recommend the deep tissue massage and going with friends next time.

Helena G

Great ambience with professional masseuses.
Suitable for family to relax.

Nasir Y


Had my 2nd session. The cupping n massage service by Mr Long is so wonderful n satisfied. Highly recommended

Eric N

Very Good Foot Massage! I have known Ah He for a few years and like his skills in foot massage.
To the points and good strength!
It’s also my way of relaxation, to good health maintenance by having foot massage regularly!
One of the best I have tried before and have been going enjoying my visit every time.
I highly recommend it!

Andy C

Known the Boss of the shop for ages. Saw how his hard work and skilful foot massage technique got him this far. Learned everything there is to know about foot massage from him. I seldom recommend things, but this is one service that is truly worth recommending 💪🏻💪🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Terrence Q


5star service! Yonghe is the guy to look for when going for massage. He has the skills and knowledge that you need for a wonderful massage that will ease your tension and stress after a tiring day.

Sandy Y


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207 Lavender Street S338765

Opening Hours : 11am - 1030pm daily (including weekends and public holidays

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